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Hollow Point brings a mix of very talented musicians to the table to collaborate on a musical styling that brings together some of the greatest bands on the planet. Their music is a modern, hard driving rock sound that takes you on a journey with each tune. From love and loss to failures and successes, the band has a unique way of taking very common emotion and giving it fresh new life.

Friends for more than 20 years, Steve Pike and Jonnie Olivo hooked up on a music project in early 2010 to see where it would go, it went well but needed something more. In the summer of 2011, Ron Parker, a life-long friend of Steve & Jonnie, was added to the line up on bass, and Jonnie moved over to lead guitar. Ron sat in with the band a couple of times in 2010 when they were doing their first gigs, but now he's in full-time but something is still missing until September 2012. September 1, 2012, Wayne Matthews a double bass pedaling, cymbal crashing monster with a machine like clock was added to the lineup. 

The band is playing venues large and small in the Houston and Corpus Christi Texas markets and bringing fans and music together like it is meant to be. Hollow Point has just released (Jan 2013) their debut album - One in the Chamber.

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all photos except gallery courtesy of Carla McClure Photography © Hollow Point 2010